About Us

Our Philosophy

Today at Ultrex, we are changing our primary goal of being an expert on print products to position our company to become an expert on the customer

Our vision at Ultrex is to be acknowledged by our customers as a leader utilizing innovative technology, quality services, and unique solutions to add unmatched value to our customer base. We are transforming our business to be a much more service oriented company that is an expert on the customer, not just the product.

As Ultrex continues it's transformation, we will concentrate on three areas of change.
The first is Information Management. We have been managing documents for many years with a focus on printed documents. Today we want to manage workflow, which includes the creation, distribution, and management of those documents. That's what the business of Information Management is all about.

The second part of the Ultrex Transformation is IT Services. Our onsite engineering staff, in combination with Konica Minolta's world class Cloud Services, give Ultrex customers the IT edge in the future.

The third and final part of our transformation is technology. This means we are not abandoning the Konica Minolta and Sharp hardware we have been marketing to our accounts these past many years. It means Multifunction Print Technology, Server Technology, and other types of hardware and software that we market remain an important part of the solutions we bring to our customers.

Our Mission

Information Management

Manage the creation, distribution, and management of documents

IT Services

Provide quality service on your computer needs


The utilization of High Quality and Cutting Edge Hardware and Software